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Dara and g dragon dating

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It willbe broadcasted on the 25th, at PM on JTBC’s “Talking Street (As I Say).” Credits: Sources: 1, 2, 3 Translated by: We Love Dara / Oh Dara Sandara Park along with model Kang Seung-hyun travelled together to the Philippines; their adventures will be revealed through broadcast.

Sandara Park, who introduced the Philippines as her second home, lived in the country for more than ten years. When any member of YG Family visits the Philippines, Sandara Park recommends places to go to and even food to eat.

She is getting alot of hate mostly, and it iritates me how such a kind person still gets this.

this is not fan-fiction, even google this, it is true, some are from news in the Philippines and her interviews on magazines, and some are just facts that others dont much know how kind this woman is.

In front of many fans, G-Dragon was seen protecting Sandara Park by holding her head.

Sandara Park replied, “After watching Big Bang’s concert, I went to the after party, there were a lot of fans who followed so we went out that way and I think they misinterpreted it.

I will really like to know how appler’s were feeling when GD put that photo of Rihanna in her Instagram, I mean he literally said that Rihanna was her ideal type!!

And if you compare Dara and Rihanna they’re like the opposite!

In the video, you can clearly see G-Dragon cradling Dara’s head as he protectively (and swoon-worthy-ly) guides her towards safety.

, Sandara Park, Seo Jang Hoon, and writer Lim Kyung Sun will make their appearance.

MC Ha Ha said to Sandara Park, “There were rumors about you dating GD recently.

We didn’t think there would be an article on it.” And continued “In the company, people laughed and said GD was headlock-ing me.” and explained the situation behind the rumors.

Sandara Park continued, “I don’t date with someone in the same company.”, stating her position again regarding the rumor.