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If your relationship with God falters as a result of dating someone, get out of that relationship. Make it a priority and watch your entire world change. She is loved by God and lives to share that love by helping others grow. We’ve been having some great conversation at the True Love Dates Facebook Page through #The Single Life Series (if you haven’t yet- join our community!

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We’re both Aries and both like to have fun that’s why we say we’re eternally 12, because we’re kids.She was so down to earth, but her circumstances didn’t allow her to do things.peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 and sold more than one million copies.This made Brat the first female solo rap act in history to have a platinum-selling album. To me, the way she left him out there to drip dry was only what a young girl would do. She’s in a work-release program, which is cool because when you move towards that and your ending your time that way, it means you’re getting closer to coming home. She’s a very strong cookie and she’s utilizing this time to reevaluate things. The most important thing is she’s able to be outside the environment of prison. I bring her up to date with what I’m going through.

In 2010 she performed at Long Beach Pride saying, “We’re all family,” and about the industry: “I don’t give a fuck.” If you follow Amanda on Twitter, she frequently posts photos and adoring messages about her girlfriend, Ana.Some people think it’s odd that you kiss your daughter on the lips. Cause if there’s one thing I know is mine, that is her. So that’s my baby and a mother can never love her child enough. Do you and her hang out with your non-celebrity friends? It’s kinda funny because we’ll getting ready to eat and I’ll be like ‘Hey girl come sit down’ and they look and say ‘Oh shoot, that’s Lil Kim! Did you share any advice with her when word spread that her ex-husband had been physically abusive? You’re really good friends with Lil’ Kim, does she ever make an appearance on the show? ’ So sometimes I lock down my house because although they’re my friends, I want to protect her privacy and have her be able to walk around as free as she needs. I didn’t even hear that she had dealt with anything. You need to both understand and accept your responsibility in how you acted in the situation. She also rants on Instagram about guys that tell her she won’t be gay forever.(Check her Pussy Monster shirt in case you had any question.)It’s not clear if Amanda was asked to keep her sexuality out of the conversation while she was signed (she now releases music independently), but she’s clearly out now. I asked her when she was going to take advantage of this time and lose some weight.