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On the plus side, I got to see Terry Alderton doing standup last night and he was, as always, freakin' hysterical. I wouldn't be all that bothered about this, were it not for:a) having already put in a lot of out-of-hours work over the last 6 weeks, including several weekends, as part of a project that actually requires OOH, andb) having discovered yesterday evening that the reason for the upgrade requiring me to give up my morning is seemingly little more than someone higher up the chain wanting to run a trial of a related product (and evidently not understanding what test environments are for). This week's comics: Mr Miracle #1, 4.3/5Injustice 2 #18, 4.3/5Ms Marvel #21, 4.5/5 Ms Marvel was the best comic this week.

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Which leads me to this theory: Shinji actually jacked off with his LEFT hand and used his RIGHT hand to deliberately PREVENT it from spraying on Asuka and/or her sheets.

I thought about getting the Chris Priest Inhumans mini, but decided to trade wait. But I have no idea what you mentioned specifically, lol.

This week's comics: Mr Miracle #1, 4.3/5Injustice 2 #18, 4.3/5Ms Marvel #21, 4.5/5 Ms Marvel was the best comic this week. Weeds are acting like that Alan Moore story where Mother Earth wants to kill us for how we mistreat her. I've been getting super cheap action figures (where I can) and modding them to look like comic characters Got Batgirl Cass Cain being the closest to finished with a Harper Row right behind her (hilariously, they're that close in the list like that yet I hate their canon relationship and wish it would die ) but cutting the excess off my to-be Joe Wilson broke the tip of my presicion knife.

Don't be wasteful I finally found some glossy finishing spray I can use on the shiny bits when I'm done painting. Your stuff sounds more like buildings or constructs (not recognizing whatever you mentioned I have an image in my head of some awesomeasfuck Death Star or a bigass transformer lol). Home movie night, complete with popcorn, hot dogs, movie and bumper trailers. It got a lot of work out slimming down Harper's chest and removing her and Stephanie Brown's excesses, so it's likely more their fault.

Are they model kits or are you putting something together yourself? The knife came with a replacement blade but i use it sparingly until the old blade is totally useless.