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She's probably in Europe, doing something fabulous," the star said. Sebastian Stan, who portrayed Carter Baizen, was enthusiastic about a reunion when he spoke to E! Lively got fans feeling nostalgic for the show in December when she shared a screenshot from the series premiere.

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“I was raised in a family of professionals who keep their finances in check and taught me how to handle my money,” says Paillant, who splits her time between Miami and Brooklyn.

“I have no student loans and I can already take care of myself financially.

I need a man who can take care of himself, too.” Millennials, who came of age during the recession and carry astronomical student debt, are bucking the tradition of staying mum on money and prioritizing it when looking for a mate.

“Millennials are the most indebted generation in American history,” says Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, author of “College Secrets: How To Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free.” “Of course they’d care more about a person’s credit history before tying down their finances together.” Khalfani-Cox says credit scores are also a practical way to see if a partner knows how to prioritize and can be depended on to follow through on prior commitments.

"It was such a turn on." Like Lauren, a growing number of singles are swapping details about their credit scores at the beginning of a relationship, filtering by FICO to find Mr. "A credit score gives you an indication of how someone handles their finances; a high credit score is the key to your financial future, but a low credit score could be an indicator of potential issues that need to be discussed." In addition to qualifying for lower rates on loans and more access to credit, a mate with a low credit score may spell trouble in a relationship.

In a survey conducted by my FICO.com, respondents reported that a lack of financial responsibility impacted their relationship more than an unfaithful spouse.

The days when women found your bad boy attitude a turn-on are a memory.

The truth of the matter is, now high credit scores are sexy.