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It's a little weird at first, trusting a computer algorithm to pair you off.
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The conversation will totally flow if you and your partner are a good match, but having these 20 topics in your back pocket to get things started won’t hurt! Who are three of the most significant people in your life outside your family? Before the start of a meeting, training, get-together or at a friend's party, there is this weird uncomfortable silence, when we notice unfamiliar faces around us. Question & Answer Session: Most people fear the initial part where they have to introduce themselves.A quick icebreaker to deal with this is to ask the group to write 3 questions each that they would like to ask each other.

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Even if we start messaging and I come to find you're a wackjob and cancel the date, you still astronomically upped your chances than the guy who sent 'Hey.'" - Victoria G.Ask random or funny questions without hurting anyone's feelings -- something like "what was the last thing you ate?" or "what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Shuffle the sheets of paper and randomly pass the sheets of paper around.“I’ve actually gotten funny memes as a first message. It shows you actually took the time to craft a response and didn’t just send a generic ‘Hey, what’s up? For example, if one of my photos was of me at a concert, make a connection to a concert you recently went to.” - Caroline T. “Point out how awkward dating apps are and poke fun at yourself without being too self-deprecating and blindingly insecure.The one that made me die laughing was a cartoon with pounding heart eyes—basically saying he thought I was attractive but not in a completely weird way. Say something like, 'Trying to come up with a clever one-liner to hit you with gave me more anxiety than the SATs.This article specifically deals with conversation starters and icebreakers for small groups. Let's forget the mundane way of introducing and try something fun and different. Also, don't choose an icebreaker that would actually make participants more nervous and uncomfortable.