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Melanie Maxwell | Ann Washtenaw County’s 10 traditional school districts are working on a plan to combine busing countywide by next fall.

The Washtenaw Intermediate School District is coordinating the effort and has hired two consulting firms to begin work.

I'm a District resident who is a principal in Virginia. The notion that I would have to move a mountain to get rid of an incompetent teacher is not a battle I want to fight. I want the very best teachers in my school and in every school. It is reported that four more schools may be added later.

I'd love to work in DC, but that union contract scares the daylights out of me. And then if there is a vacancy, there is a senority system in place where others could get the job over a candidate that I would want. With all the issues around the achievement gap, your greatest concern is being able to fire teachers? You sound like exactly the type of principal they're getting rid of-power-tripping anti-teachers who worry about the wrong thing. If I walk in and there's an incompetent teacher who isn't performing and has no business working with children, then I want to be able to get rid of that teacher. If a teacher has great relationships with the students and colleagues and parents, plans and executes engaging lessons and demonstrates high levels of learning, then that's fabulous! And if there is a vacancy, no dear, I'm not interested in hiring my family members. Schools Aiton ES Bancroft ES Brookland EC (will be known as Bunker Hill ES in 15/16) Bruce Monroe ES Dunbar SHS Hendley ES Janney ES Johnson MS Kelly Miller MS ML King ES Kramer MS Luke C. Lee (consolidating school) Payne ES Peabody ES/Watkins ES Powell ES Roosevelt SHS Sharpe Health (consolidating school) Shepherd ES Simon ES Smothers ES Thomas ES Washington Metropolitan HS West EC Wilson SHS Principal Churn 2014 ?

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They share part of a name, some funding sources, and the university’s highest level of administrative hierarchy, while maintaining different academic programs, alumni networks, faculty hiring procedures, and admissions and graduation requirements.Thurston Elementary School students board a waiting school bus on Wednesday afternoon.Ann Arbor is one of the local school districts considering ways to save on transportation. Joseph Hastings checks that one of the flashlights work while he and other firefighters checked over two of the department trucks on Tuesday at the fire station in Chesterville.Hastings, 19, is also a member of the Farmington Fire Department.If the enthusiasm of Rutgers University’s president, board of trustees, faculty, and students is any indication, Rutgers will soon merge its two law schools into one, while keeping both campuses intact.