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The Cat's Meow unites Bogdanovich the filmmaker and the historian.Although directing from Steven Peros' script from his own play, Bogdanovich tells a tale he's known for years, one of the great hushed-up Tinseltown scandals - the mysterious death in November 1924 of one of the guests aboard the yacht of William Randolph Hearst (Welles' target for satire in Citizen Kane) makes a mockery of modern-day Hollywood scandals. I would love to see you in a romantic comedy as the main lead, or as a cop/investigator role like you did in Ordinary Love. Fighting and spirit, always give your best in every drama and movie. what thehell are you talking about ,i loved him in ojakgjo brothers he was soo cute and in the end he falls in love ,an besides it his caracter don't critisize him for being a great actor i am happy too see him in this drama fighting and those who are comenting about him ,just learn too split reality from real life !! If you disliked him for his role in ojakgyo brothers, it just shows what a great actor he is then, doesn't it? i hope you will leading a drama with Park Bo Young... i hipe you will leading a drama with Park Bo Young... I'M HOPING THAT YOU WILL GET MULTIPLE MOVIE AND DRAMA OFFERS AS THE MAIN LEAD! You're the next great korean actor, keep smiling right. - Also a lot of feelings shown by the actors that most of the time are doing a great job. Do not criticize him for following the script and the director. @bea anuddin, learn to watch the entire drama before making judgement, plus it's just his character in the show.It also provides salacious material for Bogdanovich's first theatrical release in years.

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It's one of the best historical drama I ever watched. Love your acting so much and you picked a perfect script . make me always wondering abouthe your social life but till now I didn't found anything tht tell me more about u. if u are reading this (perhaps ) jaebal make ur own official instagram ..... His chemistry with min young is out of this world really. Can hardly wait the month required to see what kind of role he chose for Queen for Seven Days (literally 1 month away, following Queen of Mystery, oddly enough on the network's part)! ♡ am currently enjoying #DLIL he's so cute with Cheok Hee. I hope to see you in the future for another projects --another romcom I hope or another drama! Honestly i am not a fan until i watched Marriage without dating! Then I start googling and found his short drama 'Ordinary Love". His new drama right now is seriouly awesometoo, the story line is really fresh. I thought I'm not going to like him because he rarely smile in "Arang and Magistrate".. You are a handsome, charismatic, and very expressive actor!Perhaps a indigo patent leather pointy pump or simply a punchy red lipstick would do. But first I should express my diplomatic love for all three of these looks. How to-die-for-summer-chic is that runway Dolce & Gabbana piece in the centre? And it also makes the most devilish of us appear ethereal. Yours truly may have been cleared of a charge, in the ancient past, whilst looking truly innocent in a vintage Dior white suit. Some fantastic items have landed for all you ladies who are a size 8-10, including that centre Pucci below.FYI, we just did a round of markdowns in the back sale room so c’mon by and snag yourself a deal. Like children, they are all special in their own way. Mine just happens to be that 1970’s Roger Freres in the centre. From it’s tank style top to it’s modern polka dot design to the fabric itself. If you’re a textile geek like me and have any idea as to what it’s called, please let me know. My second fav item in this week’s window is that Lanvin 1970’s lucite necklace on the left. From the peppermint stripes to the lady sitting on the waistband holding a sequined beach ball to the 3-D beaded starfish, to the EVERYTHING! I hope you enjoy this window as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Arthur has been geeking out over them saying; “I would have a sex change to wear these clothes.It never comes to life - even after someone is found dead.Nevertheless, there are pleasures to be found in the performances, particularly in Eddie Izzard's lovelorn Chaplin and Edward Herrmann's paranoid Hearst.Slip into one of our 50/50 cotton/poly sweatshirts & feel as cozy as a kitten.