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But perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised: We met through Ok Cupid—85 percent match, 23 percent enemy (which sums to 108 percent, seems to me).

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Even that containment ruptures after about twenty minutes, when “Man on the Moon” prompts the front rows to surge past the overwhelmed security personnel and rush the stage, where, for the rest of the concert, fans will clutch at Stipe and dance nonstop.

If this is a “riot,” as it will later be called, it’s a genial, polite Chinese form of chaos.

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An explosive version of “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

” opens the show, kicking the audience into a screaming, barely contained frenzy.

We do this to get off on it, to just kind of be exhibitionists.The vanquished security men and even the hall’s manager, who momentarily threatened to stop the show to restore order, are eventually seen bobbing happily amid the crowd.The pandemonium seems to inspire the band, which responds with a raucous, electrifying performance.(Having already stopped in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, the ten-month tour was scheduled to move to Europe and then to the U. Judging from Taipei, I found the Chinese people to be a little more open and less uptight than the Japanese, much less formal and rigid.S., but most of the European concerts were canceled when Berry suffered a ruptured aneurysm, from which he is expected to make a full recovery.) The three dates in Southeast Asia are clearly special, because the venues the band plays in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore are far smaller than it’s accustomed to. I’m sure that’s true here in Hong Kong as well, whereas it’s probably not true of Beijing or Shanghai. This is the first time that i Phone has launched in India without any conjugation with a major telecommunication brand.