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When do you see a public figure go all guns blazing when it comes to his/her love life?

Normally celebs are adamant on revealing key details about their love life, but that is not the case with Red Riding Hood star Max Irons, as he has been flaunting his relationship with his girlfriend and is not intent on keeping that far from the eyes of the fans and media.

Browning’s bust between “TRADE” and “MARK”96144 – 995001935 99501 - 1035001936 The "Sweet Sixteen" was released but limited to a test market.103501 – 105850*1937* Introduction of the “Sweet Sixteen” sale to the public.

Barrel Rib four possibilities in 1937: none, solid (hollow) rib, ventilated rib with X posts or matted finish for Sweet Sixteen (SV page 98) Barrel Ring as before or drilled with three holes on the barrels of Sweet Sixteen Safety Gold plated (Sweet Sixteen only) Trigger Gold plated (Sweet Sixteen only) Misc. No serial number distinction between the Sweet 16 and the Standard 16 gauge A5s.105850 – 111000 1938: 111001 – 1182001939: 118201 – 1261231940: 126124 – 126175****1940 – 1953**** "A" Prefix serial number on the side of the receiver, American made Browning by “Remington Arms.” 1944-1948 Post war Liberation guns, Serial number 128117-128646 "are so out of sequence there is no way to establish accurate production dates" S/V p76[b] 1944: 126201 1948: 1317381947 Post war Belgium made “X Prefix Series.” No serial number distinction between the Sweet 16 and the Standard 16 gauge A5.

Max and his girlfriend Sophie are not shy at all to make the public appearances together.

The couple, who is busy in their respective professions split their time between New York and London.

Browning ordered 10,000 of these shotguns in his first order. Production of the famous "A-5" ceased after this final tribute. Example: 8M1000 = A 1958 Auto-5 standard weight shotgun with serial number 1000 In 1969 Browning started using two digits for the date of manufacture which was followed by a four digit code that identified the type of Auto-5: M=standard weight G=light weight This was then followed by the serial number beginning with 1000.

Max and Sophie too appeared at Paris Fashion Week in June at the Lanvin Menswear Spring 2017 show.

Caption: Max Irons and his girlfriend, Sophie Pera at the Lanvin Menswear Spring 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week.

She portrays the gorgeous Jelena Howard on VH1's blockbuster, "Hit the Floor," and while Logan Browning always seems a star on screen at her young age, it may surprise you to learn that she is not really a trained dancer.

She was born on June 9, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia as Logan Laurice Browning, while she grew up with three brothers.