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That being said, I would love for Poehler to return the favor and guest-star on "Louie." Maybe there can at least be a fictional happy ending there. The four have remained close friends and no offense to the guy who's not named Matt (aka Sparky Polastri from Bring It On) but I'd be happy to see Amy with either Matt Besser or Matt Walsh. Wouldn't the pint-sized Poehler and Mc Hale make a delightfully mismatched couple? And, most importantly, he's available for snuggly Gap ads, should Amy need him.

Amy Poehler: New York is so accessible to the lifestyle we were leading when we first moved there. 122 and I realized right beforehand that we didn’t have a dildo for one of the sketches. Matt Besser: There was this comedian who used to perform in Washington Square Park, Charlie Barnett. I think he died that year [when we moved to the city]. Matt Walsh: When we first moved here, we’d go there every day and pass out flyers. Amy Poehler: I wish we had those shared-bike programs. Amy Poehler: I’d like to do a speed-dating thing where I’d talk to each for 30 seconds. Complete the sentence: New York is…Matt Besser: …everything.

But these moments are probably not you, it is unlikely Hillary Clinton will write your first child a letter upon his birth, or that you'll get to be in a cult classic movie like "Wet Hot American Summer," which Poehler describes as "a film whose behind-the-scenes stories would make for a steamy beach read." At 43, Amy Poehler already has so much to share.

gives a lot more to the perfect narrative of Poehler's life.

Amy Poehler: You’re always ten minutes away from a dildo in New York.

So all I'm saying is that I want the best for her and, as such, a had a little fun playing Hollywood matchmaker.

Here are the rules of Hollywood matchmaking as far as I'm concerned: If I don't know much about your wife, I choose to pretend she doesn't exist.

But the truth of the matter is that the girl is a catch.

Not just pretty, smart and funny but, if all of her public appearances are to be believed, just a goddamn delight to be around.