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The common belief that all attractive women exclusively date alpha males is patently false; all attractive women would be world class in all sexual endeavors if that was the case.Guy 1: Why do so many men on the internet blame their failures with women on the women themselves?Alpha males believe in themselves and aren’t afraid to show it physically, vocally or through action and thoughts.

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But in a man’s world, an alpha male is more than just that.h) being the exact opposite of a loser (a failure monetarily and socially) i) promoting survival and good genetics while refraining from jealousy, passive aggressive SWPL and IBS tactics The vast majority of men are very indirect about their desires sexually.Many women who date so-called alpha males are essentially completely unskilled in the field of fellatio, demonstrating that they were really dating passive beta males.Guy 2: A real alpha male takes responsibility for his actions.He doesn't blame women for his failures with them.This powerful drive for the perks at the top is nature's selection process that brings the strongest and smartest male to the leadership position to produce the most offspring.