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Mod musical All Or Nothing rocked up at the Alhambra for LEO OWEN to decide if it is indeed “The coolest musical ever” An adult Steve Marriott (Chris Simmons) thinks back to 1968 and the moment it was “all over” for the band The Small Faces.Chugging on spirits, the ghost of Marriott bitterly narrates their story, punctuated by flashbacks of their making/downfall and snippets of significant historical events.

Small shows lead to the offer of work alongside Laurence Olivier but this is snubbed instead for a stab at a musical career that rapidly takes off: debut single “What’cha Gonna Do About It” got them early recognition and they were soon gigging up North; recording in the same studio as Sonny & Cher; at number one with single “All Or Nothing”; banned from Top of The Pops and releasing a concept album, alongside The Who.

My company just found a vein of gold in Brazil that's going to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. " When the boy explained the whole story, the rabbi said: "I have an idea how we can fix it.

Suddenly he had the idea to guard it by putting his foot over the coin - and stand there until Shabbat ended... Later at the synagogue, the rabbi saw the boy and asked, "What's wrong?

There’s also an interesting juxtaposition of his role with other musical icons, from Bing Crosby to Elvis Presley, who Sinatra was smart enough to host and sing a duet with despite being largely contemptuous of rock music.

Gibney deftly weaves Sinatra’s films and songs into the narrative, showing him sing “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered,” for example, as Sinatra and others describe his tumultuous relationship with Gardner (who, in a reading of her memoir, calls him “good in the feathers”) and how insanely smitten he was with her.