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Unsere Gästezimmer bieten einfach umwerfende Ausblicke auf die Stadt und auf unseren grünen Innenhof.
The Weather Channel (TWC) is a cable and satellite television network that broadcasts weather and weather-related news 24 hours a day.

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The method has been calibrated using the ages of samples returned from the Moon.

The accuracy of age estimates of geologically young surfaces based on crater counting on Mars has been questioned due to formation of large amounts of secondary craters.

To establish a surface history, it is necessary to determine the sequence of various geologic events and, if possible, their duration.

Two basic types of dating are possible: absolute and relative.

Shepard, Zharkov and Zharkova may have gotten us a step closer to understanding why the solar cycle varies in length from 8 to 14 years.

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In practice, this procedure requires an accurate assessment of the initial abundances of the isotopes produced in the radioactive decay.Astronomers had hoped that secondaries could be identified, thereby alleviating the confusion.Not so; a new paper in indicates that many secondaries are very difficult to distinguish from primaries, because debris lofted up may go into orbit for years, falling down far away from the initial impact (distant secondaries).Secondary craters are formed by fallback debris from large impacts (primary craters).A single large impact can produce a million secondary craters, blurring relationships between crater counts and the age of a surface.The flow accumulates craters and the crater numbers date the time of formation.