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However it is unlikely that the sono would be off by 6 1/2 weeks.

The gestational period for pregnancy isn't exactly 9 months, it's actually 40 weeks. My doctor set my due date at 9-11 using his little wheel thing.

The timing of the ultrasound affects the accuracy of determining the gestational age. Later in the pregnancy, babies grow at much different rates, and babies at the same gestational age are more likely to vary in the measurements taken in the ultrasound.

Estimating Using Your Menstrual Cycle Figuring Out Your Ovulation Cycle Seeing a Doctor to Determine Gestational Age Community Q&A If you know the date of your last menstrual cycle, you can figure out possible dates of conception using a calendar.

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I don't think 6 days between the 2 dates is a big deal though.

He is better able to identify problems with your baby's development with this information.

Using the date of the last period gives a general idea of that information, but abnormalities in the cycle or inaccuracies in the date affect the calculations.

Is it more likely that my conception date is miscalculated by the u/s (done at 9 weeks) or that pregnancy occurred from the manual stimulation time?

My husband and I had sex on 5/23 (had a positive OPK test that weekend as well) so I figure conception was right around that time. The only other activity that occurred between that time was some manual stimulation of me by my partner, no ejaculation, and highly unlikely that there was even any fluid on his fingers at the time he touched me.