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Paper Submitted: 15th Feb 2013, Published (Preview Mode): 15th Feb 2013, Author: Derek Cunningham Abstract A study of a Fazenda Colorada Geoglyph geoglyph shows that the upper and lower sides of the square are aligned to 11 degrees (offset from due east/west).

This alignment value is found at various archaeological sites around the world.

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Of course, the way you react to an early "I love you" depends a lot on your own feelings.

The presence of the 11 degree alignments appears to connect the Fazenda Colorada Geoglyph to the potential Sahara Desert geoglyph Field (1); the related Irkutsk Geoglyph Field (1), and also to other archaic art pieces found in other parts of the world (1-12) Introduction It would appear that of the some 200 geoglyph sites discovered to date in South America, the northernmost is the Geoglyphs discovered in Acre, in western Brazil (14).

To date the site has been dated only through one singe charcoal deposit, a technique proven unreliable for absolutely dating ancient sites, unless the date of the carbon deposit can be confirmed using secondary information – see prior problems experienced in the dating of the Biggar archaeological site in Scotland – The Long Journey: 400,000 Years of Stone Age Science.

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